Fender Stratocaster Japan Hrr Hot Rod Reissue Early90s Rare Fotoflame Floyd Rose


Fender Stratocaster Japan HRR hot rod reissue early90s rare fotoflame floyd rose

Here we have a Fender made in Japan Stratocaster HRR (hot rod reissue), in great playing condition. As you can see on picture there is finish crack, scratch, dings, that guitar has been played. But still a straight neck, low action, really easy to play. The floyd rose is working like it should. I'm pretty sure that the electronic have been upgraded since the 2 humbuckers are Dimarzio and you only have a volume knob. I didn't see any model wired like that. As you can see on picture, at a certain point tuners were changed. look like somebody erase the made in japan that should be in the back of the neck near the neckplate. Fret are great don't know if they been replaced but they have plenty of life on them.

Here are the info you can find on the net for it:

 They were produced from 89-94. In 89, they were originally produced with a Kahler Steeler, before Fender began using Floyd Rose trems in 1990. 

The were available in black, olympic white(new cream), red, sonic blue(these usually turn surf green), three tone sunburst (HRR60's only), and two tone sunburst (HRR50's only). I have the original manufacturer ad to prove it. 

In the later years they were also available in Fotoflame crimson and Fotoflame blue. The Fotoflames are the rarest finish, and are more common in the Squier version of HRR. The Story as I've heard it, the HRRs were so good, they rivaled the more expensive Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose Classic, Made in USA model, so they were discontinued. Fender Japan then manufactured the Floyd Rose Squier, which unlike the HRR, had a Floyd Rose II, only 21 frets, standard neck heel, only rosewood fretboard. Many people try to sand of "Squier Series" of these, and sell them as HRRs.

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